After over 5 years of marriage, I get granite countertops! I also get to see my husband’s granite install process first hand. My first thought is that I’m thankful for a desk job. The second thought is a warning to customers:

If you’re fascinated by process, then you should definitely watch the install of your granite countertops. If you’re nervous, OCD, anxious, worried about messes, and the like, then wait for the end result. I’m one of the latter people. Sure, I’m fascinated by the process because he’s my husband, but I could see how many customers could be nervous by the unknown.

Recommendation: Sit back, relax, have a cocktail, and then prepare to be awed by your granite countertop transformation when he says, “ready!”

Here’s my anxious process observation:

  1. Guys lift granite counters into your home that look way too heavy to lift by themselves
  2. You stare in fear as they carefully maneuver past your newly painted walls and woodwork
  3. They lay the pieces on your cabinets, and you start looking for imperfections
  4. The guys also start looking for imperfections to make the fine tuning adjustments
  5. You’ve never seen this process, or are used to the old prefab man made material counters, so the part of adjusting is unsettling to you
  6. The guys might discover that your DIY cabinetry work creates a great imbalance, or age of home may pose some challenges
  7. Fortunately, these guys have years of experience of all kinds of scenarios and they’re ready to make the adjustments to the over 300lb granite counter

Granite Cowboys knows that your granite counter is a focal point to your kitchen, and perfection is necessary. They care about the flow of the granite veins, seams that last, and the challenges imposed by each home’s unique features. Save yourself the anxiety, and be unveiled to a beautiful transformation. A beautiful piece of earth’s history in your home is what you pay them to create.