The assumption is that DIY saves you money, and just takes your time. As most DIYers experience, this time can be 3x or more than a professional. And unless you were skill trained, the end result will most likely end up in a lesser quality than a professional.

Cut to the home of granite contractor. I am the wife. The granite counters are looking beautiful…almost. We hit a roadblock. Since I wanted the ginormous sink, the DIY plumbing idea appears out of the question. Right now we weigh, risk water everywhere, and a lot of swearing, or pay around $300 for a plumber. The project sits unfinished for over a week, while we work out our DIY time and money.

I’m learning so much through the remodeling of our own house. The top learnings so far are:

  1. expect setbacks (lots of time),
  2. modernizing a home often means challenges in retrofitting to old materials,
  3. DIY is fulfilling when it works out in the end,
  4. if you have kids, have them play outside during the swearing,
  5. before you fall in love with the purchase of new appliance, toilet, sink, or get an idea to knock down a wall, think of all the potential consequences that follow.

A few have tried DIY granite fabrication and install with scary end results. Know that when you hire Granite Cowboys, they will walk you through all of the decisions and consequences with you and your remodelers, contractors, and interior designers. Their main goal is to save you headache, and be happy with the results of a new granite countertop, granite fireplace surround, or granite bathroom vanity.