Granite Fabricator and Installer – Attentive to Your Custom Granite Countertop Details

The owner is well trained and experienced with all of the creative needs and challenge solutions needed as a granite fabricator and installer of granite countertops. Whether you want to install vanity or kitchen granite countertops, Granite Cowboys will work with you for form, function, and value, with the result of pure beauty.

Other granite fabricators offer large machines for granite fabrication. These machines can increase the speed of granite fabrication, but often times hand finishing is required for the granite edges. Finishing the granite countertop by hand is fast becoming a fading ability. Granite Cowboys is one of the few granite fabricators that still finishes your granite countertop by hand. Sometimes that means your project takes a few extra days over other granite fabricators, but that also means confidence in the quality of your granite countertop investment. Mass production shops do anything and everything possible for speed. Where does that leave quality and care? Granite Cowboys focuses on making finished granite countertops better and better.

The years of experience as a granite installer and fabricator will ensure that your entire granite countertop installation goes smoothly, by knowing what the interior designer, plumber, carpentry, and all need to make their jobs successful. Ask about referrals to help you with all of your remodeling needs.

At Granite Cowboys granite fabrication is mostly handwork, with support on medium sized cutting machines, a tape measure, a square and straight edge guide. This makes for close attention of detail to the finished granite countertop, and to the area of install. We don’t use fancy laser measurement tools. We stick with the reliable way of tape measure and true fit site templates. This way makes us think about the point of installation, and what adjustments are necessary for perfect countertop fit.

If you want personal attention from start to finish, with no sales person in the middle, then Granite Cowboys is the place for custom made granite countertops.

Granite Cowboys provide…

…honest consultation on image, practicality, function, form, and value for the best stone that suits you.

…craftsman quality for a modest price.

…the highest excellence and supports excellence with a reassuring warranty.

…dedication to craft and pursuit of excellence that will surpass expectations.

…precise attention to detail.